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The more worn a tyre, the longer it takes to stop. It makes sense, therefore, to have your tyres checked regularly. As your cars only contact with the road, it's vitally important your tyres have enough tread and are in good condition for safe and efficient motoring. Worn tyres will affect the performance of your car, and below a certain threshold are illegal and would cause your car to fail an MOT test. Edinburgh roads are not the best so make sure your tyres are not damage by kerbs or the many pot holes by getting them check regularly.


At Auto Sphere we will gladly inspect your tyres for wear and repair or replace them. The service includes environmental disposal of the old tyres, and we'll investigate cases of abnormal and/or uneven wear if required. For example, uneven wear could be a symptom of poor tracking caused by kerbing or a damaged alloy. Should this be the case, we can re-align your wheels.


- The legal requirement is 1.6mm and we recommend 3mm to aid the dispersal of standing water for extra safety. Our tyre technicians can fit tyres for cars and vans


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- We can supply tyres from all the major manufacturers including Avon, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Firestone.

- We can also recommend the best tyres for your Classic Car.

- Are your tyres leaking air, we can offer tyre repairs such as punctures. Due to modern techniques, it may be possible to effect a quick and lasting repair rather than replace the whole tyre. 


Are your wheels corroded? Check our alloy wheel refurbishment page to fix corroded wheels. If your vehicle has a tyre issue, we can help: Get in touch 0131 6699118 or click here for free estimate. 







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