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Scratch & Dent Repair

At Auto Sphere Body Repairs we have a highly skilled team of professional technicians who possess the expertise to carry out high quality scratch and dent repairs on your vehicle.
We use only the highest grade professional scratch and dent repair apparatus and equipment available.
This combination of skill and technology allows us to achieve flawless results, every time.
What category of repair do you require?
There are two types of scratches: Superficial scratches that rest on the clear-coat, or base paint and deep scratches that extend to the primer – or even as far down as the metal.
Superficial scratch repairs can be completed in a matter of hours.
Dents and deep scratch repairs take more time, materials and care. They almost always require us to repaint the scratched panel. 
Scratch and dent repairs can be the result of mishaps such as walls, key scratches, stone chips, parking pillars, underground car parks, unfriendly parking neighbours that open their doors carelessly, etc. However your vehicle came to be dented or scratched, Auto Sphere Body Repairs has the skills, tools and the expertise to fix it.
Removing a car scratch involves:
Removing a car dent involves:
To find out more about our scratch & dent repair services, give us a call on: 0131 66 99 118, or click here for a free quote. 

FROM ONLY £150  (including fill, paint, lacquer and polish)