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Rust Repairs

Do you have rust on your doors, wheel arches, sills, boot, window pillars, floor, or car chassis?
No job is too small or large, so whether it's just a rust bubble or a full panel which needs to be replaced on your vehicle, Auto Sphere Body Repairs has all of the tools - and expertise - to treat your rust problem effectively.
The cost of repairing vehicle rust varies greatly, depending upon where the rust is located: Also, any visible rust usually doesn’t indicate the full extent of the problem, which will typically cover a wider area.
Removing rust involves:
Depending on the severity of the rust/corrosion, heavily rusted panel(s) may need to be replaced completely: The brief processes detailed below would only apply to rust bubbles and small rust patches:


If your vehicle has a rust problem, we can help: Get in touch on: 0131 66 99 118 or click here for a free estimate.