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Plastic welding & bumper repairs

Replacing a damaged bumper with a new one can be a very costly option to take. Has your bumper been replaced when it could have been fixed?
Scuffs, chips and scrapes on your plastic bumpers are unsightly and will inevitably devalue your vehicle.  Many vehicle components including grilles, light surrounds, mirror covers, bumpers, spoilers, body skirts, boot trims and even whole body panels can be repaired by welding if damaged.
Welding and repairing bumpers is often a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged parts.
Auto Sphere Body Repairs can repair your bumper cracks using plastic welding and plastic bonding techniques, with flawless results.
Our technicians are all highly trained, skilled experts who have all the equipment necessary to make your bumper look brand new again.
All plastic bumper repairs undertaken by Auto Sphere Body Repairs will be as strong as the original pre-damaged one, but you can be assured that if your bumper is identified as unrepairable (Due to the fact that any attempts to repair it will reduce its effectiveness), then we will inform you of this and recommend a replacement.
At Auto Sphere Body Repairs we will not undertake any work where said repairs will cause your car to be dangerous.
Before you look at getting a complete bumper repair or costly replacement, why not give Auto Sphere Body Repairs a call? After all, we’re here to help – and save you money. 


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