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Panel Beating & Welding

Panel beating is the fine art of fixing the panelling (also known as the ‘body’) on a car after an accident or other event (such as a storm): This technique is known as ‘panel beating’ because in most cases one has to quite literally beat the panelling back into its original shape.
At Auto Sphere Body Repairs, there is next to nothing that we can't fix, repair or replace. Our panel beaters are experts in the art of repairing vehicles and have access to a wide variety of tools and equipment that you’d not find in your average body shop.
The skill range required for reforming the panelling of a car ranges from novice to extraordinary, depending on the condition of the panelling or the vehicle in question. 
At Auto Sphere Body Repairs, the end results after our panel beaters have finished their work look truly exceptional. The panels are flawlessly smooth and perfectly match the car's original shape: All in all, the vast amount of skill possessed by our panel beaters ensures that your vehicle will be in excellent hands when you choose to leave it with Auto Sphere Body Repairs.
Our panel beaters are also able to do vehicle restorations (which can often be a difficult and costly task), paint preparations, small electrical repairs and small mechanical repairs, so if you have a few jobs that need done, there is no need to look elsewhere. Our work is really 1st class and second to none. 
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