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To cope with the exacting demands of modern cars, electronic systems are becoming increasingly complex. In particular, areas such as engine management systems, stability and traction control programmes, climate control, security and safety restraint systems and so on are all monitored and controlled by a network of computers called ‘ECU’s (electronic control units.)

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So if a tell-tale warning light has shown up on your dashboard, here at Auto Sphere we can plug your car in to our diagnostic testing equipment and soon get to the root of the problem. These days symptoms such as difficult starting, overheating and poor performance can be investigated though engine diagnostic tests and the cause quickly identified.


In most cases these sophisticated systems are very reliable. However, when a problem does occur, effective fault finding is only possible using suitable diagnostic equipment. Here at Auto Sphere we have invested heavily not only in the latest diagnostic equipment but also in staff training in these specialised areas to ensure that we can detect and resolve almost any electronic fault.


If your vehicle has an engine issue, we can help: Get in touch 0131 6699118 or click here for free estimate.