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Chassis straightening & jig work

Has your vehicle sustained heavy accident damage? Has your insurance company written-off your car? If the answer is: ‘Yes’ to any (or both) of these questions, don’t worry, there is a very good chance that we can help you.

Many insurance companies write off a huge number of cars which could be fixed effectively by using a body alignment jig; For example, many insurance companies needlessly write off cars just because they have incurred chassis leg damage. Writing off a vehicle is often in the best interest of the insurance company. In many cases the insurance company benefits financially from writing off a vehicle. This policy is not the best option for many car owners, since a whole array of major repairs can be carried out using a body-alignment jig.


What is a body alignment jig?


A body alignment jig is a piece of equipment that is used to straighten and re-align panels of vehicle bodies: At Auto Sphere Body Repairs Limited, we own one of the best body alignment jigs in the industry and our team possesses the expertise to carry out first-class repairs which adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Results that you can depend upon
If a chassis is bent, it must be repaired to its manufacturer’s specifications: In order to achieve this, the chassis is first measured and then pulled using a body alignment jig.
As a member of the National Association of Bodyshops, we can be trusted to carry out your repairs with an extremely high degree of precision.  Equipped with a high-quality body alignment jig, our fully-qualified technicians will complete all repairs to the highest industry standards.


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